gas_flareSpecialising in the location and quantification of gas flaring using VIIRS satellite data.

Geographic Information Science and Systems

Data sourcing and collation, producing advanced web maps, interpreting and visualising remote sensed satellite data, generating data insight and analysis. Using projections, spatial databases, Terrset, ArcGIS, QGIS, Carto, Mapbox, PostGIS, OpenJump, Leaflet.js, Python, R.

Web Development

Developing and deploying front-end web systems and interfaces, web maps and data visualisations. Using Javascript tools such as Angular.js, JQuery, Chart.js, D3.js, leaflet.js. With rounded front and back end web development experience of PostgreSQL, Python, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, CSV, Command line and Apache server admin. Working with data scientists, back-end developers, designers, project managers and third party providers.

Digital Project Management

Delivering needs assessments, technical specifications, user requirements, user experience testing, iterations, launches, content management, communications, budgets, team management, third party engagement, system redevelopment, training, documentation.


Writing reports, articles, undertaking research, copywriting, editing, sub-editing, desktop publishing.