Rory Hodgson

WebGeospatial Ltd has been set up by Rory Hodgson, an experienced web developer specialising in geographic information systems and spatial data science with a background in digital project management and web product deployments.

Since starting his digital communications career in 2001, he has worked on numerous high-profile website builds for household names such as the BBC and WaterAid and has delivered online systems and services for a number of smaller organisations.

With the completion of a series of high-profile web-geospatial systems over recent years, and with an MSc in Geographic Information Science, he now specialises in the delivery of geospatial data analysis, data visualisation and web mapping systems through WebGeospatial Ltd.

  • Providing web development, GIS and digital mapping services.
  • Developing web-based GIS and data visualisation dashboards.
  • Processing, interpreting and visualising satellite data.
  • Undertaking independent research and data analysis.
  • Collaborating with data science, design, technical, editorial and project management teams.
  • Working with diverse project teams including foreign Government and International Development partners.
  • Managing third party developers, designers and technical service providers.